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Industrial Assessment Center


About the IAC Program

The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) is a DOE sponsored program that offers an in-depth energy assessment of a plant site including its facilities, services and manufacturing operations. An IAC team can evaluate energy usage and examine the site for potential savings from:

  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Preventing pollution and minimize waste
  • Improved productivity

The assessment begins with a university-based IAC team researching the production methods and energy usage of the plant, followed by a site visit in which the team will conduct tests and collect data for use in potential recommendations. The team will then construct a confidential report within 60 days of the site visit. This report will include a detailed analysis of the site visit along with findings and recommendations specific to the site. These recommendations will include related estimates of costs, performance and payback times.

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Mission Statement

The Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, provide eligible small- and medium-sized manufacturers with energy assessments at no direct cost to the client. Additionally, the IACs serve as a training ground for the next generation of energy engineers.

The CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute (CEERI) Industrial Assessment Center (CEERI-IAC) supports manufacturers throughout the Intermountain West.