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Industrial Assessment Center: Assessments

Assessment Process & Timeline


The first step is screening to be sure a potential client meets DOE guidelines, The process and responsibilities are discussed and the assessment is scheduled.

Pre-Assessment Analysis

Preliminary data about the facility and its utility usage is collected and analyzed. This analysis is completed about 2 weeks prior to the site visit.

Site Visit

The IAC team conducts a one-day site visit to study the manufacturing process and make energy, waste, and productivity-related measurements using diagnostic equipment.


Within 60 days of the site visit, the IAC team submits a confidential report to the plant detailing the team’s analysis and money-saving recommendations, along with estimates of related costs, performance, and payback periods.


About six months after the assessment, the IAC team contacts the plant manager to determine which, if any, of the recommended measures have been implemented. The implementation rate helps to measure the IAC program’s success.


Sample Report

The following is a sample assessment report provided by Rutgers University, Field Manager for the IAC Program.