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Industrial Assessment Center: Benefits

“It was obvious the team had well prepared in advance, evident by the questions asked and their knowledge of basic systems and the industry. In addition the level of engagement from the team was very impressive, as well as a great group to work with. Looking forward to seeing the final report.”2012 Client

IAC Success

Since its inception, the Industrial Assessment Center program has conducted over 15,000 assessments with an average of $55,000 in potential annual savings for each client. This adds up to approximately $825 million worth of annual savings through energy efficiency and behavior productivity improvements.

The Idaho IAC program is positioned to build upon the high standards set its predecessors and by the existing 24 Centers at universities nationwide. We are dedicated to finding the best fit recommendations for our clients to not only save them money but help reduce their carbon footprint.

Who Benefits?


  • Since the IAC program is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, there is no cost to eligible manufacturers.
  • Clients receive objective information to help make their plants more energy efficient, more productive, and cleaner.
  • On average, implemented IAC assessment recommendations save a plant over $55,000 per year with paybacks within 12 to 18 months.
  • With relationships throughout Idaho and beyond, the IAC can make referrals to appropriate resources to help with implementation.
  • Plants are under no obligation to implement any recommendations.


  • This program helps the participating universities build valuable relationships with local industry and allows universities to better develop curriculum in the specific areas.
  • IAC participation also attracts more graduate and undergraduate engineering students of all disciplines.


  • Each year, about 250 engineering students participate nationally in this program and gain valuable knowledge on evaluating the efficiency of key industrial operations, systems, and processes.
  • The ability to communicate successfully through written reports and presentation to clients is an ability that all graduating IAC students obtain.


  • The nation’s economy as a whole will benefit from small- and medium-sized manufacturers becoming more competitive.
  • This sector accounts for over 50% of the United States manufacturing employment.
  • Decreasing their energy usage and cost of operation will result in a more efficient economy as well as maintaining energy security and environmental benefits from decreased energy use.