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Industrial Assessment Center: Client Eligibility

Size of Manufacturers

Clients must meet 3 of the following 4 criteria for the plant site under consideration:

  • Annual Sales under $100 million
  • Fewer than 500 Employees
  • Annual Energy Bills over $100k, but less than $2 million
  • Have no in-house energy professional to perform an assessment

Range of Industries Served

  • Manufacturing SIC code 20 – 39 / NAICS 31 – 33
  • Agriculture, NAICS 11 with the following exclusions:
    • Excluding:
      • 111 – Crop Production
      • 113 – Forestry and Logging
      • 114 – Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
  • Mining, NAICS 21
    • Excluding:
      • 213 – Support Activities for Mining


During the assessment process the team will require information from the company including utility records, a description of the manufacturing process, and a tour of the plant the day of the assessment visit. During the visit, the team will develop an action plan that will require they revisit various portions of the building collecting further data.

All information learned and collected throughout the process is treated as confidential. If the client wishes, the IAC team will provide a non-disclosure agreement.

IAC Assessment Recommendations (ARs) are recorded in a database and are associated with the client’s industrial code.  Client name is shared with the Department of Energy, however client name is not recorded in the AR database and is not associated with the recommendations made.  Rutgers University acts as the IAC Field Manager, houses the database, and is aware of IAC team assessments scheduled.